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1912 Gose Exhibition

Come taste the latest gose creations from 1912 Brewing Co. They have mouth-watering session sours to slake your palate on a warm desert day.



- Kama 'Aina Special Hawaiian Gose - 6.0% 13 IBU

made with: Hawaiian sea salt, coriander, mango, & passionfruit

soured with: a combination of yogurt and acidulated culture


The Kama 'Aina Special is a delicious sour beer made with Hawaiian sea salt, toasted coriander, a yogurt culture that accents the tropical fruit, and lemon notes, with mango and passionfruit blended to taste. Kama 'Aina translates to “child of the land” and is used to describe a local resident. It’s so tasty, it will definitely have you saying Mahalo (Thank you)!


- Latina brewed Baya Gose - 6.2% 16 IBU

made with: Oregon sea salt, coriander, marion blackberry, blueberry, and raspberry

soured with: acidulated culture


The Baya Gose is a delicious sour beer made by the Latina Brew Ha Ha’s with marionberries, raspberries, and blueberries, as well as toasted coriander and Oregon sea salt. The berries and tartness are at the forefront followed by a pleasant salt finish.


- Naughty Naranja Imperial Gose - 8.5%

made with: Oregon sea salt, coriander, and blood orange

soured with: acidulated culture


Brewed in collaboration with the Mt. Lemmon Fire Fighters, Naughty Naranja Imperial Gose has a punch of citrus character derived from a heavy helping of blood oranges. It will make you think you’re drinking a mimosa or screwdriver! Citrus and coriander on the nose with a tart finish.